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Email marketing campaign to 50.000 companies and individuals

Product code: 53-3050

In this promotion you can acquire an email marketing campaign, with sending emails to 50.000 companies, professionals and individuals in America, Asia and/or Europe, with your ad in HTML or TXT format.


(1) HTML File
We can do the formatting for material that's not in HTML, all you have to do is send your pictures and text and we will create the HTML body for your emails

(2) Email Template
We customise the marketing email to your needs, including photos, links to your website, unsubscribe link and other componentes needed in the delivery

(3) Preview
We send you a sample of your email so that you can make final adjustments if necessary, before start sending

(4) Country Selection
You can select which countries you want your marketing campaign to go to, so we will select the best emails in our databases

(5) Server Management
We schedule and send emails, with complete management of servers and databases.
Rejected emails are not computed in total, we send what is necessary until we reach the goal of 50.000 emails actually sent

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USD 60 with Paypal

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